My practice is currently closed as I am taking an educational break. 
Most chronic conditions and symptoms are due to imbalances in the body that are influenced by diet and lifestyle choices and chemical exposure. The majority of the time, these root causes are never explored and never identified. True and permanent solutions often require diet and lifestyle therapy. The mission of Optimized Nutrition is to provide individualized care that targets the root cause of common health ailments and strives for optimal wellness. Those who are open to specialized testing, supplementing with nutraceuticals and motivated to change their diet and lifestyle habits, are the most likely to have successful outcomes. I most commonly work with women with stubborn weight, digestive problems, mood imbalances and fatigue but have experience with a wide array of different health issues.

Who should make an appointment? What you eat is more important than you may know. Believe it or not, what you eat is related to & can benefit a long list of conditions & symptoms:

Acne, Allergies, Anemia, Anxiety, Arthritis, Bloating/gas, Congestion, Chronic constipation, Chronic coughing, Depression, Chronic diarrhea, Digestive problems, Fatigue, Food cravings, Frequent infections, Headaches, Heartburn/reflux, High blood pressure, High cholesterol, IBS, Intestinal pains/cramps, Migraines, Mood swings, Overweight/obesity, Painful/stiff joints, Painful/stiff muscles, PMS, Poor focus, Rash/eczema, Red/swollen/itchy eyes, Runny nose, Sneezing, Sore throat, Stomach pains/cramps, Swelling/edema, Swollen throat, Urinary tract infections, Water retention, Trouble losing weight, Yeast infections, and much more…

The goal of the first visit, is to learn all about you. I take a holistic approach and want to get the big picture in order to understand what may be at the root of your symptoms and conditions. You will be asked to submit recent lab work and complete an online health questionnaire to completed 72 hours prior to our appointment. This gives me a chance to begin putting together the best possible starting plan for you and to maximize our time together. (New patient information is reviewed and assessed for about an hour in advance.)

Achieving true, optimal health cannot be achieved express-style! It is a complex process that can take some time and multiple follow-up appointments are generally necessary. I use conventional and functional testing, interviews and physical assessment. (Please review Lab Testing page for more information including cost.) Because a single symptom or condition can be related to many, many imbalances, lab testing helps us identify those imbalances specific to you. The functional medicine process is very much like detective work. Each appointment we learn a little more and we may order new labs, based on what we learned the appointment prior, as we correct the imbalances we find along the way. The body is a complex machine and getting to the root of a health problem can take time and patience. Every person is very unique. Two people could have the exact same symptoms and have very different underlying root causes. The rate of progress will vary from person to person. I have seen symptoms resolve within days, in some cases, while in most cases, it can take several months. Complex cases can take even more time. Ordering the lab work we need can make an big difference in the speed of progress.

One very cool thing is that, instead of experiencing side-effects, as you do with drug therapy, with functional nutrition therapy you will likely experience side-benefits! What you learn and the health improvements you make from our meetings will not only, hopefully, relieve your symptoms, but will also prevent future health problems and add quality years to your life!

In terms of the therapy used, personalized dietary and lifestyle modification and quality supplements will be recommended. Supplemental needs will vary and they are an additional cost to consider.

Appointment fees are as follows:

Optimized Nutrition Package (Recommended) – $345  $40 savings! Includes Initial 75 minute visit plus two 40 minute follow-up visits (must be used within 3 months).

Initial visit: $195 – 75 minutes

Follow-up visits: $95 – 40 minutes

*Appointment fees do not include necessary lab-work.

I currently do not accept insurance. All major credit cards and checks are accepted. I will also accept payment by Paypal and Venmo.

Since I spend a significant amount of time in advance of our appointment, preparing for our appointment, payment is collected at the time of scheduling.

Please review my Lab Testing page for more on how I use labs in my practice.

You may call, email or text me to set a date. In your email, include your full name, DOB, email and phone number. If leaving a voice mail, please let me know a few times I can reach you so that we aren’t playing phone tag! My office hours are 10:00-6:00 Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays. 

I look forward to hearing from you!


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