Beyond Flat Earth Medicine: A Lovely Little Intro to Homeopathy (Free Book Online)


Homeopathy, is form of holistic medicine that has research to support its effectiveness for a variety of ailments, both chronic and acute.  Home-health homeopathy can be learned by anyone for many acute ailments. Success with classical homeopathy for chronic ailments, on the other hand, is said to rely greatly on the skill and experience of a trained homeopath. Classical homeopathy treats the whole person, not just the chief symptom. Therefore, a homeopath will select a remedy based on a broad range of mental and physical signs existing in in an individual.  Remedies sold in the US are sourced from vegetable, mineral, or animal sources. Remedies are highly diluted and how they work remains a bit of a mystery (but keep in mind we also do not know the mechanisms by which many western drugs work).  For a concise intro to this modality, check out this terrific little book: Beyond Flat Earth Medicine by Timothy Dooley ND, MD. It’s available for free at this link.