Be a Nutrition Critic

Be a Nutrition Critic

You’ve been told: “Don’t believe everything you read!” Well, this is especially good advise when it comes to reading about food and nutrition. There is so much contradictory information out there on the subject, and determining fact from fiction can be a real challenge. That’s why I love this book: Coffee is Good for You. In the introduction, author Robert Davis illustrates the hierarchy of scientific research studies so that readers can learn to view nutrition news, books, websites, and “nutrition experts” with a critical eye. He makes clear that the SOURCE of the information is EVERYTHING. He explains that the meta-analysis is the holy grail of scientific research¬†and explains the difference in value between a randomized clinical trial, a cohort study, a short-term human experiment and a descriptive study. This knowledge is an absolute prerequisite to reading the health section of your morning paper! But don’t stop there, keep reading beyond the introduction to get answers regarding many of today’s most confusing topics such as “Do Carbs Make You Gain Weight?” and “Is Olive is the Most Healthful Type of Vegetable Oil?” Unlike most other nutrition authors, Robert Davis and his team reviewed ALL of the current research before coming to conclusions. Great book! Two thumbs up!